JavaScript & AJAX posts

Dynamically generate a select list with jQuery, AJAX & PHP

Code examples and explanation of how to get one select list to dynamically generate the option values of another. Uses an AJAX call in jQuery to execute a PHP script that grabs the values from a MySQL table.

Generate select list values from another select »

Using Google Places Autocomplete with Google Maps

This post details the process involved to setup Google Places Autocomplete functionality along with updating a Google Map based on a location's longitude and latitude values. Includes demo and source code.

Setup Google Places Autocomplete »

Creating a Custom jQuery Twitter Feed (API v1.1)

Creating and styling a custom javascript based twitter feed that can be integrated on websites. Includes demos and source code.

jQuery Twitter Feed »

Twitter feed URL error (code 34)

Twitter have recently updated paths to public feeds from to if you are getting a code 34 error message, you should:

Update the Twitter json path »

jQuery pendulum. Animation around a pivot point

A jQuery based animation of basic pendulum motion of an obejct around a pivot point using CSS3 rotation. Includes source code and demo.

jQuery pendulum animation »

Removing the iphone navigation bar with jquery

JavaScript snippets that will hide the navigation\address toolbar on the iPhone when the page loads and when the iPhone is rotated in landscape or portrait mode.

Hiding the iPhone navigation bar »

JavaScript Function to Check\Uncheck all Checkboxes

A cross browser compatible JavaScript function to select or de-select all checkboxes in a form. The check all function finds all checkboxes in a designated form, regardless of the checkbox name. JQuery version also available

Check all checkboxes in JavaScript »

Spry XML Dataset: Selecting a Single Row

Some useful Spry code that allows a single, unique row or record to be selected from an XML dataset. The process involves first passing a unique row ID to a detail page and then filtering a single row from the XML using the unique ID.

Find specific row in Spry XML Dataset »

Spry Dataset: Limit Rows, Characters & External Feeds

A few simple Spry snippets to limit the number of rows displayed from a Spry XML Dataset, limit the characters displayed in a Spry field and how to get around the security issues preventing xml external feeds to be used.

Limit rows & characters & using external feeds with a Spry dataset »