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Google blandify the web by removing profiles from search

Google remove authorship profile pics from search results so I moan about it in words that will appear in bland and uniform links on the web.

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14 mobile UX factors that could impact SEO

Mobile user experience is increasingly playing a part in search engine rankings and will almost certainly continue to do so. In this post I explore current and future mobile UX ranking factors.

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The impact of mobile user experience on SEO

Exploring how Google may use mobile user experience to help rank sites. This post discusses some insights from Matt Cutts and other sources.

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Getting your profile pic to appear in Google for blog posts (Google+ Authorship)

A step by step showing how to enable Google Authorship, where Googe+ profile pictures appear in search engines for blog posts.

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Variation in Google Rankings on Different Machines

Looking at why variation in search engine results can be consistently different from one machine to another. Usually down to personalisation, locational search or results from different Google data centres.

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Fetch as Googlebot URL submission testing & review

A review of Google's 'Fetch as GoogleBot' facility in Google Webmaster Tools including results from testing.

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