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Setting the www or non-www in Plesk 11

Setting the 'www' or 'non-www' as the preferred domain in Plesk 11. With screenshots and step-by-step

Setting the preferred domain in Plesk »

Activating Plesk 11 Backup Manager and Scheduling Backups

A simple guide showing how to activate the Backup Manager within Plesk and how to schedule regular backups.

Activate & Schedule Backups with Plesk Backup Manager »

.htaccess 301 redirect problem for non-www in Plesk

Fixing a problem in Plesk domain settings that causes .htaccess 301 redirects to be ignored when trying to redirect the non-www part of the domain to the www.

Fixing 301 .htaccess redirect »

1and1 VPS review: Virtual Server ‘L’

A review of the 1and1 VPS 'L' package which delves into some of the issues experienced with performance and website uptime.

1and1 VPS review »

Updating Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 on Windows

Upgrading Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 *should* be a relatively straightforward process. These are the steps I followed in order to update Plesk 10 (10.4.4) to Plesk 11 (11.0.9) running on a Windows dedicated server 2008 with hosting providers 1&1 internet.

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