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Preventing display of orphans in text using JavaScript

Looking at how we can prevent widows (or orphans) for regular flowing text on a website. Solution uses jQuery.

Preventing widows on websites »

Check if any checkboxes are selected in jQuery

A jQuery function that will check all checkboxes in a specific form on form submit and give an alert if no checkboxes are selected.

Check if any checkboxes are selected »

Parse XML with jQuery & AJAX for a select list

A tutorial with code explanations showing how an XML file can be parsed with jQuery and AJAX to generate a select list.

Parse XML with jQuery & AJAX »

Dynamically change Video JS poster in jQuery

How to dynamically target the video poster in Video JS using jQuery. Solution tested across all major browsers including Internet Explorer 8 and above.

Change Video JS poster image »

Drawing a vertical line in jQuery

A simple line drawing function in jQuery that can be used to create vertical or horizontal lines.

Create a vertical line in jQuery »

Simple jQuery bouncing ball

Tutorial delving into the code required to create a basic bouncing ball animation with shadow. Also discusses the 'easing' needed to give realistic motion. Includes source code and demo.

jQuery Bouncing Ball »

Tweet Carousel – a scrolling twitter feed animation (API 1.1)

Tweet Carousel is a scrolling animated twitter feed created in jQuery and PHP (for Authentication) for Twitter API 1.1 with customisable options. Includes demo and source code.

jQuery Tweet Carousel »

Creating a simple animated twitter feed fade rotation

This tutorial walks through the steps required to create a simple animated Twitter feed (for API 1.1) with each tweet fading in and out one by one. Includes demo and source code.

Create a fading twitter feed rotation »

Creating expandable & collapsible panels in jQuery, CSS & HTML

A tutorial showing how to set up a set of expandable/collapsible panels (or an accordion effect) using jQuery, HTML and CSS. Includes demo and code.

Expandable panels with jQuery, CSS & HTML »

Enable cross-domain, cross-browser AJAX/JSON calls using jQuery

Making a simple, cross-domain JSON request or AJAX call to a script on another server can be a bit tricky. This guide gives a simple solution that works in all browsers with code and examples

Making a cross-domain-AJAX-call »