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Chrome to overtake Internet Explorer market share in June 2012

03 January, 2012 by Tom Elliott

Google has recently overtaken FireFox to become the second most popular browser, and there seems to be no let up in its quest to become the Worlds most popular browser… so when will Chrome overtake Internet Explorer? June 14th 2012 by my best reckoning¬†

Chrome is a relatively new Internet Browser from Google. Released in 2008 it has already acquired a decent uptake in a short period of time. The success of Chrome can partially be attributed to Google’s influence and presence on the internet, backed by its marketing power to promote it’s new browser… but it’s not just that – one of the main reason of its success I believe is down to the fact that it is a thoroughly decent product; it loads quicker than all my other browsers (I have the latest FF and IE), it has a clean style, uncluttered interface, large viewing area and it is fast – to name just a few of its positives.

According to statcounter.com – one of the most trusted global stats tool, we can see that Chrome has steadily been gaining around 1% of the browser market share month on month all throughout 2011, largely at the expense of Internet Explorer which has lost almost 10% of the market share in the same period. FireFox on the other hand has fallen and now has 25% of the worldwide market.

Looking at these trends, I’ve plotted a graph predicting when worldwide market share will swing in favour Chrome (simply by using the scientifically accurate method of plotting straight lines to see where they cross). It looks likely that, should the trend continue, the date for Chrome to beat Internet Explorer will be around mid-June 2012.

Chrome Overtake IE

Graph predicting when Chrome will Overtake Internet Explorer

And I think the trend will continue. Chrome has a lot of momentum behind it, more awareness and more advertising… Microsoft (or FireFox) will need to do something pretty big to reverse this trend. IE 10 could be it’s solution. I’ve seen a preview of Internet Explorer 10. It looks pretty good in all fairness – it’s fast, uses hardware accelerated graphics and it looks more stylish and is less cluttered. The problem is though, it’s only for Windows 8 and not yet released until ‘mid to late 2012’… already too late – by then I think Chrome will have overtaken it and it’ll have the job of trying to claw back fans.

All in all, the future looks bright for Chrome