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Creating a manual list of related posts in WordPress

An easy step-by-step guide on how to create your own easily selectable list of related posts in WordPress. This makes use of the Advanced Custom Fields tool and a few lines of PHP.

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Checking if next post exists in WordPress

Displaying the title and link for the next post within an article only if the next post exists

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Page not found error when changing WordPress permalinks

A common fix for the 'page not found' error (using mod_rewrite) encountered in WordPress after changing the permalink structure, usually when using a localhost setup.

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Get posts for custom taxonomies & terms in WordPress

An quick tutorial showing how to display all posts from a custom taxonomy, using different terms in WordPress. Includes examples and source code.

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Transferring a WordPress site from localhost to a live server

A simple guide detailing the steps needed to transfer a WordPress website from a localhost setup to live website. The process should take about 10 minutes and will cause almost no downtime to the website

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Submitting a form in WordPress redirects to 404 page

How to fix a bug on a WordPress website's contact form whereby submitting the form redirects to a 404 not found page.

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10 advantages of developing bespoke WordPress themes

Top reasons why bespoke WordPress theme development should be the way forward compared to using or modifying an off-the-shelf theme.

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5 simple ways to customise the WordPress login page

This tutorial shows how easy it is to change the appearance of the default WordPress admin login screen including changing the logo, background, form and buttons. Includes source code.

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WordPress website slow? Time to optimise your database

Common performance issues with a WordPress blog can often be caused by database bloat and unoptimised database tables. This guide can help sites with page speed issues

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Improve a WordPress website Page Speed by 50% in 5 minutes

How to quickly improve the Page Speed score of your WordPress website or blog with step by step instructions to set-up a caching plugin and .htaccess modification

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