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Setting the default WordPress image insert type to ‘None’

Changing the default setting of the Wordpress media image insert options to 'None' or other settings by adding an update_option line to the theme's functions.php file.

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WordPress image uploading problem ‘crunching 100%’

Fixing an issue with the Wordpress multi-file image uploader. Uploading an image stalls at '100% crunching' and doesn't display the uploaded image

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Moving a WordPress site without affecting SEO & Rankings

This guide is for anyone looking to move their Wordpress blog or website from one hosted domain to another, whilst maintaining the URL structure. The post is divided into two parts; the technical aspects of moving a Wordpress site and the SEO steps to minimise loss of visitors and traffic

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Missing Gravator profile pic after changing WordPress username

How to restore a missing Gravatar profile picture since renaming an admin username

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Custom WordPress Meta Titles – Homepage, Pages, Posts

Getting into the nuts and bolts of Wordpress PHP in order to customise Meta Titles for the various page types including category meta title, homepage meta title, and post meta title.

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Renaming your WordPress Blog URL

If you've created your blog and then realised that 'blog' just doesn't sound right, then it shouldn't be too difficult to rename the url of your blog without re-installing and setting up your blog. These tips assume you have FTP & database access to your site and you have installed your wordpress blog at www.yourdomain.com/old-blog-url/

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Remove author & date link from WordPress (TwentyTen Theme)

Removing the date link & author name from blog posts in WordPress using the TwentyTen theme, whilst still displaying the date rather than remove the line completely.

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