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Move W3 Total Cache JS & CSS to the footer

Code snippets and description showing how to move minified JavaScript and CSS to the footer that have been created by W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress.

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Fixing qTranslate problems in WordPress 3.9 & 4.0

How to fix a number of qTranslate problems with WordPress 3.9 including error messages, issues with TinyMCE visual editor and overwriting of content from ACF fields.

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Dynamically change Video JS poster in jQuery

How to dynamically target the video poster in Video JS using jQuery. Solution tested across all major browsers including Internet Explorer 8 and above.

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Adding font icons to WordPress custom post types

How to easily enable icon fonts (dashicons) for your custom post type menu items in WordPress 3.8.

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Google blandify the web by removing profiles from search

Google remove authorship profile pics from search results so I moan about it in words that will appear in bland and uniform links on the web.

Removal of G+ profile pics from search »

Automatically optimise WordPress images for maximum compression

How to easily and automatically optimise all images on a WordPress site using the EWWW Image Optimizer for better compression and so they pass web performance measurement tools such as Google's Page Speed Insights.

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Intermittent white screen problem in WordPress

How to locate and fix intermittent 'white screen of death' problems with WordPress. Blank screens are often down to fatal PHP errors created by exceeded memory limits.

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14 mobile UX factors that could impact SEO

Mobile user experience is increasingly playing a part in search engine rankings and will almost certainly continue to do so. In this post I explore current and future mobile UX ranking factors.

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Execute function before Contact Form 7 submit

In this post I look at the code required to execute a PHP function before a Contact Form 7 form is submitted using wpcf7_before_send_mail

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26 AdSense tips to maximise revenue

A breakdown of AdSense tips and more generic advice that can help increase AdSense revenue for your website or blog

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