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Dynamically generate a select list with jQuery, AJAX & PHP

Code examples and explanation of how to get one select list to dynamically generate the option values of another. Uses an AJAX call in jQuery to execute a PHP script that grabs the values from a MySQL table.

Generate select list values from another select »

Changing the viewport meta tag with JavaScript

Going through the code required, and reasons why you might want to change the viewport meta tag using JavaScript or jQuery. This can be useful for example when trying to dynamically resize the viewport below a certain screen width.

Change viewport meta tag with JavaScript »

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Duplicating a MySQL table

An SQL statement that allows one table to easily be duplicated in MySQL. Also describes table duplication in PHPMyAdmin

Duplicate a MySQL table »

Creating a Sprite Sheet using PhotoShop

This article will go through the steps to quickly create a sprite sheet from individual images using PhotoShop and a 3rd party extension.

Create a sprite sheet using PhotoShop »

Using Google Places Autocomplete with Google Maps

This post details the process involved to setup Google Places Autocomplete functionality along with updating a Google Map based on a location's longitude and latitude values. Includes demo and source code.

Setup Google Places Autocomplete »

Limitations with Twitter Search (

A breakdown of some of the limitations with Twitter Search (, when for more specific search functions such as job hunting.

Problems with Twitter Search »

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Get longitude & latitude values with Google Maps API using PHP

Some handy PHP code to get the longitude and latitude values from Google Maps API, based on the town, city or country location.

Get latitude and longitude using Google Maps »

Top Sublime productivity plugins for coding efficiency

A list of Sublime Text 2 packages and plugins which can help increase your coding speed and from a web development perspective

Top Sublime Text Plugins »

Sublime Text Empty Key error when inserting a snippet

A simple fix for the 'empty key' error when inserting a sublime text snippet

Fix sublime empty key error »

Drawing a vertical line in jQuery

A simple line drawing function in jQuery that can be used to create vertical or horizontal lines.

Create a vertical line in jQuery »