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Variation in Google Rankings on Different Machines

Looking at why variation in search engine results can be consistently different from one machine to another. Usually down to personalisation, locational search or results from different Google data centres.

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Reset PHP Recordset for Multiple Repeat Regions

How to re-use a PHP recordset by resetting the recordset pointer. This allows multiple repeat regions from the same recordset to be used.

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Chrome to overtake Internet Explorer market share in June 2012

According to worldwide statistics, Chrome is gaining month on month market share over Internet Explorer. I make a prediction that Chrome will overtake Internet Explorer by June 2012.

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Web development predictions for 2012

2012 looks set to accelerate the evolution of web technologies used at the office and on the move and will to continue to intrigue and challenge us as developers. Here are some of my own web development predictions for 2012.

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Apache php display friendly server error

How to display a friendly PHP error on a windows 7 PC running Apache Server.

Display friendly PHP error »

Scheduling a custom php script URL with plesk

Using Plesk's 'scheduled task feature' to call a PHP page on your server for the scheduling of PHP scripts.

Scheduling PHP scripts »

Fetch as Googlebot URL submission testing & review

A review of Google's 'Fetch as GoogleBot' facility in Google Webmaster Tools including results from testing.

Fetch as Googlebot testing »

AS3 detect\catch invalid loader url request

I like AS3’s ability to find and track all sorts of errors and coding bugs but one minor issue I had recently was when trying to detect and catch an invalid url request for dynamically loaded images. At first the solution seemed obvious – I thought using a simple try {} catch {} method for […]

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Dreamweaver CS4 Code Selection (Copy & Paste) Problem

A solution to a rather frustrating bug in Dreamweaver CS4 that often arises when selecting code in the Code window. This code selecting problem seems to happen with all code types.

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AS3 typing\typewriter effect in Flash

A dynamic and scripted AS3 typing effect for Flash, with variable type speeds. The script mimics the look of text being typed and can be coloured and styled using HTML font tags. The script is ideal for headlines and smaller sentences. The post includes demo, examples and full source code.

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