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.htaccess 301 redirect problem for non-www in Plesk

Fixing a problem in Plesk domain settings that causes .htaccess 301 redirects to be ignored when trying to redirect the non-www part of the domain to the www.

Fixing 301 .htaccess redirect »

Setting the default WordPress image insert type to ‘None’

Changing the default setting of the Wordpress media image insert options to 'None' or other settings by adding an update_option line to the theme's functions.php file.

Change default image insert option »

1and1 VPS review: Virtual Server ‘L’

A review of the 1and1 VPS 'L' package which delves into some of the issues experienced with performance and website uptime.

1and1 VPS review »

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WordPress image uploading problem ‘crunching 100%’

Fixing an issue with the Wordpress multi-file image uploader. Uploading an image stalls at '100% crunching' and doesn't display the uploaded image

Wordpress image upload problem »

Getting your profile pic to appear in Google for blog posts (Google+ Authorship)

A step by step showing how to enable Google Authorship, where Googe+ profile pictures appear in search engines for blog posts.

Enabling Google Authorship for blog posts »

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CSS Positioning of image within text block

Positioning a custom image at either the beginning or end of a paragraph of text or heading - either displaying an image right after the last character of a sentence or paragraph, or before the first character

Image positioning within text »

Joomla FTP file permission problem with templates & extensions.

A solution to Joomla file permissions when trying to upload, delete or set CHMOD parameters when using FTP for a Joomla 2.5 installation.

Joomla file permission fix »

Twitter feed authentication (API 1.1) for search

A tutorial to create a custom Twitter feed using any search phrase or Twitter handle. It authenticates to the new API 1.1 and uses jQuery to create the feed HTML

Custom twitter search »

Moving a WordPress site without affecting SEO & Rankings

This guide is for anyone looking to move their Wordpress blog or website from one hosted domain to another, whilst maintaining the URL structure. The post is divided into two parts; the technical aspects of moving a Wordpress site and the SEO steps to minimise loss of visitors and traffic

Moving a Wordpress site & SEO »

Missing Gravator profile pic after changing WordPress username

How to restore a missing Gravatar profile picture since renaming an admin username

Restore Gravatar profile pic »