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Updating Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 on Windows

Upgrading Plesk 10 to Plesk 11 *should* be a relatively straightforward process. These are the steps I followed in order to update Plesk 10 (10.4.4) to Plesk 11 (11.0.9) running on a Windows dedicated server 2008 with hosting providers 1&1 internet.

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Enabling mod_rewrite on Windows Apache for URL rewriting

A tutorial demonstrating how to enable mod_rewrite which will allow a website running on a WAMP stack to use a local .htaccess file for URL rewriting.

Activate mod_rewrite on WAMP »

Tweet Caching with PHP & JQuery

Part 2 of the custom twitter feed tutorial with authentication. Caching the twitter feed to a local file can speed up loading of tweets and negate Twitters rate limiting.

Twitter feed caching »

Scheduled Task for PHP scripting in Plesk & Linux

A tutorial for setting up a scheduled task using Plesk 11 on Linux. A couple of steps are involved for the scheduled script; ensuring Access to the server over SSH is specified and using wget utility to run the PHP script.

Scheduling a PHP script from Plesk »

Authenticating a Twitter Feed for OAuth API V1.1 – Timelines & streams

A tutorial designed to help anyone who is using or wants to create a custom Twitter feed that needs to authenticate basic read-only access for any public user timeline with Twitter OAuth, API V1.1.

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OpenType font display problems in Flash

How to fix an odd bug within Flash when some OpenType fonts strangely vanish

Flash font display issue »

Creating a Custom jQuery Twitter Feed (API v1.1)

Creating and styling a custom javascript based twitter feed that can be integrated on websites. Includes demos and source code.

jQuery Twitter Feed »

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Twitter feed URL error (code 34)

Twitter have recently updated paths to public feeds from to if you are getting a code 34 error message, you should:

Update the Twitter json path »

jQuery pendulum. Animation around a pivot point

A jQuery based animation of basic pendulum motion of an obejct around a pivot point using CSS3 rotation. Includes source code and demo.

jQuery pendulum animation »

Removing the iphone navigation bar with jquery

JavaScript snippets that will hide the navigation\address toolbar on the iPhone when the page loads and when the iPhone is rotated in landscape or portrait mode.

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