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Fixing an unresponsive Nook touch screen

What I did to fix my unresponsive Nook screen when I couldn't swipe to unlock

Fix unresponsive Nook touchscreen »

Get posts for custom taxonomies & terms in WordPress

An quick tutorial showing how to display all posts from a custom taxonomy, using different terms in WordPress. Includes examples and source code.

Display posts for custom taxonomies »

Transferring a WordPress site from localhost to a live server

A simple guide detailing the steps needed to transfer a WordPress website from a localhost setup to live website. The process should take about 10 minutes and will cause almost no downtime to the website

Move WordPress from localhost to live »

Simple jQuery bouncing ball

Tutorial delving into the code required to create a basic bouncing ball animation with shadow. Also discusses the 'easing' needed to give realistic motion. Includes source code and demo.

jQuery Bouncing Ball »

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Submitting a form in WordPress redirects to 404 page

How to fix a bug on a WordPress website's contact form whereby submitting the form redirects to a 404 not found page.

WordPress form redirecting to 404 page »

10 advantages of developing bespoke WordPress themes

Top reasons why bespoke WordPress theme development should be the way forward compared to using or modifying an off-the-shelf theme.

Reasons to develop bespoke WordPress themes »

Tweet Carousel – a scrolling twitter feed animation (API 1.1)

Tweet Carousel is a scrolling animated twitter feed created in jQuery and PHP (for Authentication) for Twitter API 1.1 with customisable options. Includes demo and source code.

jQuery Tweet Carousel »

Google Analytics filter to show visits to your website domain

Tutorial showing how to setup a filter in Google Analytics to only show traffic to a single website domain or host name.

Show visits to website in Analytics »

5 simple ways to customise the WordPress login page

This tutorial shows how easy it is to change the appearance of the default WordPress admin login screen including changing the logo, background, form and buttons. Includes source code.

Change the WordPress login page »

Creating a simple animated twitter feed fade rotation

This tutorial walks through the steps required to create a simple animated Twitter feed (for API 1.1) with each tweet fading in and out one by one. Includes demo and source code.

Create a fading twitter feed rotation »