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23 Tips for HTML Email Development

Various tips and tricks for creating rich and complex HTML emails that work in all major email clients including advice on layout, text formatting and images.

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Indexing MySQL fields to speed up PHP queries

Indexing database fields can do wonders to speed up complex PHP queries. This post goes shows how easy it is to know where to use indexes and how, using MySQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin.

Speed up PHP through MySQL indexing »

CSS3 text glow effect with text shadow

A few text glow effect samples and examples using CSS3, achieved by stacking the text-shadow CSS element.

Creating a CSS3 text glow effect »

iPhone issue with displaying a large background image

Large backgrounds in the BODY or DIV element will not display on an iPhone (Safari) because of the dimensions of the image which cannot exceed 5.2 mega-pixels.

Large background image not displaying on iPhone »

PHP function: calculate x seconds, minutes or hours ago

A useful Twitter style PHP time interval function to calculate the difference in seconds, minutes, hours or days between two different dates and times. The function can be used to display seconds, minutes or hours only, or display the most relevant time measurement unit automatically.

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JavaScript Function to Check\Uncheck all Checkboxes

A cross browser compatible JavaScript function to select or de-select all checkboxes in a form. The check all function finds all checkboxes in a designated form, regardless of the checkbox name. JQuery version also available

Check all checkboxes in JavaScript »

PHP get first paragraph from a string function

A useful PHP function that gets the first paragraph from a regular HTML string, with option to remove the paragraph tags.

Get first paragraph function in PHP »

Spry XML Dataset: Selecting a Single Row

Some useful Spry code that allows a single, unique row or record to be selected from an XML dataset. The process involves first passing a unique row ID to a detail page and then filtering a single row from the XML using the unique ID.

Find specific row in Spry XML Dataset »

Spry Dataset: Limit Rows, Characters & External Feeds

A few simple Spry snippets to limit the number of rows displayed from a Spry XML Dataset, limit the characters displayed in a Spry field and how to get around the security issues preventing xml external feeds to be used.

Limit rows & characters & using external feeds with a Spry dataset »

Custom WordPress Meta Titles – Homepage, Pages, Posts

Getting into the nuts and bolts of Wordpress PHP in order to customise Meta Titles for the various page types including category meta title, homepage meta title, and post meta title.

Wordpress meta titles on Home, pages, posts and categories »